We Are Qualified Professional Service Provider

of IT infrastructure solutions within Data Center environment


Dexter IT is a qualified professional installer of IT infrastructure solutions within Data Center environment, providing a range of IT services

What we do

Our mission is to provide first class cable installation and network solutions in a timely and cost effective manner, as we fulfill customer needs and expectations with the high quality , fast response times and reliability of our services

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Grow and improve your business by taking advantage of our expertise and experience

We help to mitigate risk factors that may affect project objectives to ensure the best outcome

As construction projects expand in both scale and complexity, number of stakeholders like contractors and subcontractors get inevitably involved. This increases the likelihood of operational challenges caused due to lack of clarity in technical specifications, specific client requirements, regulatory requirements or coordination among various stakeholders to name a few. Concerns on reliable and safe construction also need to be addressed. Any lapse in this highly complex operational environment can lead to cost overruns, project delays and reputational damages. Our team is PMP certified and has delivered more than 150+ (bigger and smaller) successful projects

Installing Fiber infrastructure today will support your network infrastructure needs for the future

Dexter IT provides range of Fiber installation services, including but not limited to: • Fiber installation • Fiber termination • Fusion splicing  • Ribbon splicing  • Fiber testing using latest technology practices

We have installed significant amount of Copper and Fiber cable containment

Fiber and Copper Cable Containment is one of the most important parts of installing a network's infrastructure. The purpose of containment can be to support the cables en route, to make subsequent management of cables easier, to provide isolation of power and data cabling and also to make the installation aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a team that will provide you installation of Fiber optic and copper network cable containment, feel free to reach out. We are working with all major cable containment brands and solutions following best installation practices

Building a proper copper network infrastructure

provides a platform for high performance connectivity, designed especially for your business. With old / new standards and technologies Dexter IT is making sure to keep up with the industry. If you are in need of copper installation, we can offer you following services:  • Copper network infrastructure planning and design • Data Center Copper cabling • Office network cabling • Network infrastructure upgrade • Testing using best practices

Are you expecting a big delivery of devices, servers and storage equipment? Don’t have enough manpower? Don’t worry, we are here to assist.

Dexter IT team has successfully racked and stacked more than 5000 Racks. Our team of professional installers will help you with creating inventory of equipment, moving equipment, installing your equipment, cabling installed equipment and troubleshooting until everything works perfectly

Best practice solutions that separates hot and cold air streams

With the ever increasing need to provide a secure method of housing equipment within a co- location data center environment, Dexter IT with our partners can advise, design, manufacture, supply and install data cages and Cold/Hot Aisle containments designed with the customer in mind


Safety is our first priority
We take our business seriously, which is why we are constantly developing ourselves through trainings and education
Our teams of international English speaking installers are providing services across the Europe
We stand behind our commitment - if there is a deadline to meet, we will not fail
We are always flexibly responding to changes and challenges during projects
We serve a diverse range of clients covering small and big businesses
We have network cabling know-how
We have years of experience in Data Center industry
24/7/365 available for our customers
Making customer projects successful is our primary goal

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  • Geschäftsführer: Ing. Fadi Shamoun Barbar
  • Register Number: HRB97456
  • Register Court: Amtsgericht Hanau
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